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ReGen Dental Handpiece Life Saver Kit

Save your handpieces from destruction. It's fast, It's easy and it doesn't cost very much at all. How can you not use ReGen???

$38/Kit  or get 3+ for $34 each

See Price Chart / Each

ReGen Handpiece Cleaner & Conditioner prepares your highspeed handpieces for the autoclave and protects them from sludge buildup. Our liquid system saves you time by cutting out steps, saves you money by protecting your highspeed turbines, and saves you the headache of broken bearings. Just run the head of the handpiece in the blue liquid to clean and protect the turbine. Oil and debris are flushed out and dissolved. ReGen liquid is formulated to protect your dental handpiece in the autoclave. After autoclaving the excess liquid has been burned off and you are left with a clean, oil-free handpiece. Now be sure to lubricate with a pure dental handpiece oil (like ReGen Oil) and you will see how great your handpiece can cut.

Other uses for ReGen Liquid are for cleaning burs in the ultrasonic and unfreezing contra angles with a prolonged soak.

ReGen Liquid contains detergent, rust inhibitor, disinfectant, and a light grade penetrating oil. Residual liquid is made to burn off in autoclaving.

Each kit contains 2 pints of liquid and 3 use jars. A kit will last one operatory about 6 months.
$38/kit ...SAVE ON 4 or MORE KITS ONLY $34 each.
Money Back Guaranteed for 30 days!

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