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Crown Grabber II

Find Out Why Crown Grabber II
is Our Best Selling Instrument

  • Designed to handle temporary crowns
  • Can handle un-cemented permanent crowns
  • Double bent elongated handles for access
  • Serrated curved beaks for larger grip area

$39.95 each
or get 2+ for $37 each
                    4+ for $35 each
(Mix or Match sizes OK for Pricing)

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Crown Grabber II
Crown Grabber II Mini

Our Crown Grabber II is the best instrument for handling temporary crowns and try-ins. The concave serrated jaws provide a larger area for grasping a crown and keeping you in control. This instrument was designed to replace the Backhaus (towel) clamp as a gripper for temporary crowns. The Crown Grabber II does not perforate and the crown does not slip out. Crown Grabber II has a double-bent long reach handle for better access. Handle has some "flex" to prevent breaking the crown. It can even hold a glass marble firmly without damage. Use the Crown Grabber II for placing, removing, trying-in, removing primaries and for hundreds of other things. You will use it every day. Surgical stainless steel. Autoclavable. Picture shows original and Mini version. Mini version is approximately 60% of the regular size and is perfect for pedo. You will want one for every operatory. Mixed sizes OK for quantity discount. $39.95 each. SAVE ON 2 ONLY $37 each Save more on 4 only $35 each
Money Back Guaranteed for 30 days!

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