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Devour Evacuation Cleaner

"DEVOUR" - to Really Scrub Your Evac System

  • "Your system wasn't this clean since it was new!!"
  • Quart SUPER Concentrate makes128 Gallons...WOW
  • Safe For Mercury Recovery Systems

$38.00/ Quart
4 Quart Case... $33.50/ Quart Delivered
8 Quart Bulk... $32.00/ Quart Delivered

See Price Chart / Quart


Your Evacuation System wasn't this clean since it was new!!

 Our "DEVOUR" enzymatic cleaner really scrubs the inside of your evacuation system by eating organic debris. "DEVOUR" is highly concentrated active enzyme solution that used regularly will keep your office from smelling bad and keep your evacuation system at maximum performance with less wear on your pump motor.  Also safe to use with mercury recovery systems.

For normal maintenance use 1/4-oz/gallon of active solution in each operatory 2 or 3 times per week. For evacuation systems that have never been cleaned with DEVOUR use a concentration of 3/4 oz per gallon for 3-5 treatments. If your system gets clogged, it will be due to DEVOUR loosening debris buildup which is then caught in the screen trap. You can wait for DEVOUR to dissolve the debris but emptying the trap is faster. When your system is clean you can use the maintenance dilution ratio. With a pH of 6.2 to 7.4, DEVOUR is safe for use in systems with mercury recovery filters installed.

NEW - Easy Squeeze-Measure-Pour Bottle. Very easy to use. ....Quart CONCENTRATE $38.00 ...SAVE ON 4 Quarts Only $33.50/each 8 Quarts Only $32/each (Quart makes 128 Gallons of daily use strength solution)

Money Back Guaranteed for 30 days!

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