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X-Ray Products Panoramic Film
KVP Panoramic X-Ray Film BLUE Screen - 15cm x 30cm

KVP Panoramic Film - BLUE Emulsion is a premium film made in Belgium and finished in the USA. Our KVP film uses the same process as the big brand film you use now and you get the same result. Crisp clear pictures.

15cm x 30 cm (6" X 12") ...$88/100 sheet box

3 or more ...$82/100 sheet box



See Price Chart / Each


Our KVP Panoramic X-Ray film will save you up to half your current cost. Made by the worlds largest X-Ray film company, you will not have to change your exposures or processing to use this film.  Manufactured in Belgium and finished in the US.

 If your panoramic screens require blue film we have our KVP B (blue) sensitive film. While this is older technology it is still favored by many oral surgery practices for the crispness of the end result. Equivalent to X-Omat film.

"Remember to choose your film by size and by the type screens in your pano x-ray. Using blue film with green sensitive screens and vice-versa will not work."

FILM SIZE: 15 x 30cm (6"x12"). 100 SHEETS/bx $88...SAVE on 3 or More ONLY $82 each.

Money Back Guaranteed for 30 days!

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