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Pano Screens for Rigid Cassette

If you have Rigid Aluminum Cassettes for your Panoramic X-Ray then you need Tape-Back replacement screens. Also Cephalometric (8"X10")

  • Green Screens 15cm x 30cm ..... $145
  • Green Screens 5" x 12" .............$135
  • Green Gendex Size .....................$160
  • Green Cephalometric .................$160 
  • Blue Screens 15 cm x 30cm .........$ 89
  • Blue Screens 5" x 12" .................$ 79
  • Blue Cephalometric ....................$104 
  • Prices are for a set of 2 screens

  Choose Options
  Screen Type - Select Screen Size and Sensitivity Color
Pano Screens Green 15 x 30 Tape - $145 ($145.00)
Pano Screens Green 5" x 12" Tape - $135 ($135.00)
Ceph Screens Green 8x10 Ceph Tape - $160 ($160.00)
Pano Screens BLUE 15 x 30 Tape - $130 ($130.00)
Pano Screens BLUE 5" x 12" Tape - $120 ($120.00)
Ceph Screens BLUE 8x10 Tape - $120 ($120.00)

Additional Info
Additional Info
Product Specs
Product Specs
How to Replace Screens
How to Replace Screens
Dental Screen Usage Chart
Dental Screen Usage Chart

X-Ray Screens wear out over time. You can replace your own screens for better x-ray density and easier to read pictures. Our Optonix screens are equal to or better than original manufacturers screens and we charge less for them. Kodak screens are called Lanex while our screens are called Rarex and Optex. They are interchangeable with the Kodak products. Choose first the type of cassette that you have, either Vinyl or Rigid aluminum. Next you must match the color sensitivity to the film that you use. A "Green" screen is necessary to put an image on "Green" film. The same is true for "Blue".  The next choice is the size screens for your machine and finally the Speed. Most newer machines using green screens require regular speed which is 400. Blue screens are usually 200 speed or medium. If you have Medium speed Green screens please call us. If you need help determining what you need call us at 800-322-8815.

"About Green vs. Blue screens: The screen color is the color that the screen fluoresces when exposed to x-ray radiation. The x-ray image is created when the x-rays cause the screens to light up thus exposing the film. The screens light up either green or blue. The film you use must be sensitive to the screen wave length (color) to record the image. Blue is an older technology but gives a sharp image. Green is newer and uses less radiation. Our SG film is Super Green which has the newer flat crystal emulsion. With this new emulsion layer the image is just as sharp as with blue film but still uses lower radiation settings."

  • Need to know Screen Type (Green or Blue)
  • Speed (Written along an edge of your screens - Regular=400, Medium =200)
  • Size (usually matches film size)
  • Cassette type (Vinyl soft uses HINGED screen or Aluminum rigid uses TAPE BACK screens).

Replacing your screens is not very difficult but requires some care in removing the old screens. Inside the cassette the screens are adhered to foam or felt pads that flatten to hold the film in place. To remove the screens use a hair-dryer to heat the tape backing around the perimeter of the cassette. As the adhesive heats it will release and the screen can be carfully lifted off the backing. Be careful not to harm the foam or felt backing as these are needed to be in good condition for the new screens. Once the old screens are removed try-in the new screens to be sure the size is correct. Then remove the tape liner on the back of one screen at a time, adhere it in place on the felt or foam. Do the same for the opposing side. That's all there is to it. Call us if you have a problem: 800-322-8815.

SCRG512T 5"x12" with double-faced tape Siemans OP10 and OP10E, Keystone/SS. White Panorex, Chicago X-Ray Rotograph
SCRG1530T 15x30cm with double-faced tape Moss, Philips Oralix, Planmeca PM2002 CC, Soredex Cranex, Panelete, Belmont X-Caliber, Gendex Orthoralix DS
SCRG488H 4.88"x14.75" hinged Gendex GX-Pan
SCRG1530H 15x30cm hinged Belmont Autopan, Ritter Panoral, Midwest Panoral, J. Morita Versaview, Panoramic PC 1000, Kaycor Yoshida, Panoura-10, Sanko

SCG512T 5"x12" with double-faced tape Siemens OP5 and Orthophos
SCRG488H 4.88"x14.75" hinged GE Panelipse and Panelipse II
SCRG1530T 15x30cm with double-faced tape Siemens OP3 or older, Orthophos and Orthophos Plus

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